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The Future of Cold Foil

It has been proven throughout the printing industry that Cold Foil Indexing is the future of Cold Foil. We have already given you the hard facts about Cold Foil Indexing, but we want you to be as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to this new economical and environmentally friendly system, so we compiled some more information for you to take a look at.

DGM’s Foildex™

rock-tenn-foildex-sm Cold Foil Indexing for Heidelberg, KBA, and manroland printersDiversified Graphic Machinery’s foil indexing system is called the Foildex™. At DGM, we have spent a great deal of time, effort, and resources perfecting the Foildex™ to print cold foil as efficiently as possible. Our Foildex™ can be used on any kind of existing press including Heidelberg, KBA, Sakurai, Komori, Mitsubishi and manroland presses. Since we introduced the Foildex™ Technology we have established exceptional quality foil lay down. This, coupled with our ability to index the foil in the running direction of the sheet as well as the ability to use narrow webs, has significantly reduced the cost of using cold foil. It has always been known that the highest cost in cold foil printing is the cost of the foil itself, so being able to reduce your waste by up to 80% equates to huge savings job after job and year after year by using our Foildex™ Technology.

DGM is not the only company providing Cold Foil Indexing systems, manroland has designed the Prindor and Heidelberg has designed the FoilStar. Both of these systems work in a similar manner to the Foildex™ in that they preserve the valuable foil in the cold foil process which saves time and money.

Heidelberg’s FoilStar

foilstar-sm Cold Foil Indexing“… (The) index function enables uninterrupted, cost effective use of the foil as foil transportation stops when the foil is no longer transferred onto the print sheet (for example, if the foil travels over the gripper margin or cylinder gap). This is a single-web version with a minimum width of 550mm and an indexing range of 200 to 750mm from the start of printing. Foil indexing in the format is possible. Up to six webs from 80 to 1050mm can be used for the option without an indexing function. Foil indexing in the format is also possible here.” Read More

manroland’s Prindor

manroland-prindor Cold Foil Indexing“Maroland Canada received a Bronze award for ‘Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Technology’ at the Canadian Printing Awards. The manroland entry ‘Cold Foil Indexing with an Inline Foiler Prindor’ demonstrated the considerable savings achieved in unused foil material with every rotation of the printing cylinders. Result − the function of indexing allows for the stopping of the foil web while the cylinder gaps pass.” Read More