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Die Co-Ordinator – Digital Die Registration

The Only Digital Die Lock Up System for your Foil Stamping & Embossing Dies

Die Co-Ordinator Digital Die Registration

Die Co-Ordinator – is a prepress die registration system that allows you to turbocharge your press makeready with proven technology that has reduced overall setup by more than 50%!

Die Co-Ordinator works with all flatbed platen foil stamping and embossing presses that have removable honeycombs and requires no modification to presses, honeycombs, dies or hooks, making it the most flexible and cost-effective die lock-up system on the market today.

With Personal Assistant and Die Co-Ordinator, the largest book printer in the world has reduced his setup time on 4 Gietz presses and produces 300 jobs each week, even though the original workflow capacity requirement was 80 jobs per week! Every year the company has saved the equivalent of 4 production shifts per day, increasing each machine’s capacity by 33%.

Die Co-Ordinator Digital Die Registration

Digital Assistant

Insight has worked with Adobe as a certified Adobe Solutions Partner and launched our next innovation – Digital Assistant – which uses Adobe Acrobat engine to create digital keyline images. Digital Assistant is the preferred solution for most customers although optically scanning the sheet is still used when no PDF is available.

Foil Co-Ordinator

Foil Co-Ordinator can quickly and easily calculate foil pull and complete foil material requirements either from a one-up composite artwork printout or an imposed foil stamping PDF sheet separation.

New Software Features

  • • Foil Co-Ordinator Software quickly and accurately calculates the exact amount of foil needed as well as the foil pull and foil reel alignment for each job
  • • Digital Assistant Software creates the Die Registration and Foil Area elements directly from a PDF for use with the Die Coordinator and Foil Co-Ordinator
  • • Print Lock Software synchronizes the Digital Images from a PDF with the printed sheet, and takes into effect board stretch

Die Co-Ordinator Digital Die Registration

Benefits of the Die Co-Ordinator

  • • Digitally locks up your Foil Stamping and/or Embossing dies from your digital print file onto your Honeycomb
  • • No more bumping dies on press and long make-readys
  • • Calculates for Heat Expansion of all die types & board stretch
  • • Instant savings the minute you put it on your floor
  • • Used in the Cosmetic Packaging, Greeting Card , Book Component, Label, Tobacco, Preimum Wine & Spirits Industries
  • • Stores your various Honeycomb sizes and types
  • • Ability to lock up various press sizes from small presses up to 60″ presses
  • • Ability to scan the printed sheet
  • • User friendly


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