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  CARTES Italy, the innovator of Advanced Label Technology, for inline web finishing and embellishing machinery, has established its North American headquarters in Red Bank, NJ; backed by our dedicated factory-trained technicians and parts facility that is strategically located in New Jersey. Additionally, all CARTES machinery is backed by 24/7 software support through our Siemens Si-Motion Controlled remote access system.

CARTES Advance label technology Since 1970, with over 4,000 installations in 90 countries in Europe and around the world, CARTES has positioned itself as the “go-to” machinery when looking to create premium embellished labels. Each CARTES machine is custom designed and manufactured to meet your individual finishing and embellishing needs. Handmade and assembled in Mantova, Italy, CARTES’ modular machine design grows with you; enabling you to add, change and reconfigure your machine’s capabilities as your business grows.

CARTES Advanced Label Technology enables you to customize and configure your machinery with hot foil stamping, embossing, silk screen printing, flexo printing / varnishing, flat die cutting, semi rotary die cutting, cold foil, cast and cure and our patented Invisible Laser Cutting which eliminates white edges on dark labels. The newest addition to CARTES portfolio is digital embellishment Jet D-Screen.  That is a digital unit that allows you to create multi-layer effects such as spot coating, complex tactile raise effects, and braille printing as well as very detailed foil and metallic doming transferring. In just one step you can personalize and beautify labels, with no tooling costs, instantaneous start-up, and no material waste.

CARTES machinery is thoughtfully designed with Green Technology to minimize its carbon and physical footprint while maximizing your inline capabilities. And with our propriety “Nexus” registration system, your make-ready is fast and easy and your job maintains perfect register regardless of how many embellishments you are running in a single pass. Check out the complete line of CARTES Label Machines at and let me know if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss our specialized Embellishment Label Technology. I look forward to talking with you more about how you too can now “CREATE with CARTES”.

CARTES Factory

CARTES, founded in 1970, is a global label machine manufacturing company in Moglia, Italy, a specialist in high value-added products market and pioneer in the development of innovative solutions for the
self-adhesive as well as linerless reel to reel web printing finishing and converting processes.

CARTES offers the widest range of label machines with hot stamping, silk-screen printing, digital screen varnishing, flexo printing/varnishing, flatbed die-cutting, semi-rotary die-cutting, embossing units, and the exclusive LASER technology for die-cutting and converting.

CARTES was the first to develop and commercialized the LASER technology that is applied to self-adhesive label die-cutting.

GT 360 SERIES – Digital finishing and embellishment solutions

The CARTES GT360 SERIES is an innovative series of modular label machines.
CARTES has actually developed a unique and innovative technology that allows obtaining the best results in terms of accuracy and productivity, both for short and long runs.
The technologies applied to the GT360 series machines make them considered one of the best option on the market, not only for the finishing but also for fulfilling complete high-value labels with the maximum economy.
In addition to the strength, the quality of the materials, and the high precision at every speed, the GT360 series offers to the label market new and exclusive features such as:
Speed and accuracy
Energy-saving technology
Extreme modularity concept
Configurable with the following units:
Hot stamping – Silk-screen printing – Digital embellishment “JDS” – Metallic Doming – Embossing – Flexo Printing and varnishing – Flatbed die-cutting – Semi-rotary die-cutting(patented) – Laser die-cutting and converting (patented).
Also, available overlamination, label on label “LOL” in registration, cut off window system, double-sided adhesive tape applicator as well as other applications.


• Flat bed silk-screen printing with high speed, accuracy and the possibility of high-build effect.
• Braille printing and metallic doming (3D)
• Digital finishing for creating high build effects, metal doming, high build varnish and Braille effects
• Hot stamping and embossing, also simultaneously
• Hologram application
• Cut-off window system (DEPASTILLAGE)
• Label application in register (LABELS on LABELS) for creating multilevel effects with different materials
• Protective flexo coating
• Flexo printing
• Selfwound lamination system
• UV lamination system
• Semi-rotary die-cutting
• Cutting of small / large print runs and special processing by the laser unit

GEMINI SERIES – Laser die cutting digital finishing solutions
CARTES Gemini Laser

   CARTES is the pioneer in the development of Laser Die Cutting Technology for Labels and has manufactured Laser Die Cutting Machines for over 20 years.

CARTES Laser Die Cutting Machines are offered with Single or Dual Laser Heads and can be configured with Flexo Printing and Varnishing – Digital Embellishment – “JDS”- Metallic Doming – Cold Foil – Lamination – Camera Inspection – Automatic Job Change Over System – Fully Automatic – Turret Rewinder.

The Gemini series represents the new frontier in digital converting: modularity, versatility, performance, high speed, waste minimization and the possibility to save all parameters for a quick re-call.

Configurable with the following units:
Flexo Printing and varnishing – Digital embellishment “JDS” Semi-rotary die-cutting (patented) – Single or dual Laser die-cutting (patented) with exclusive ILC – Invisible Laser Cutting – Turret rewinders.

JET D-SCREEN – digital embellishment

   CARTES JET D-SCREEN digital unit allows you to create multi-layer effects such as spot coating, complex tactile raise effects, and braille printing as well as very detailed foil and metallic doming transferring. In just one step you can personalize and beautify labels, with no tooling costs, instantaneous start-up, and no material waste.

   The CARTES research and development department, taking advantage of its many years of experience in traditional screen printing, has developed an innovative finishing technology that uses its own system which allows depositing a thicker layer previously impossible to achieve with Ink-Jet technologies.
The work of the operator has been simplified extensively, allowing the selection of options from already predefined settings as well as the choice of the material to be used, thus achieving immediate production in the JDS unit without waste.

   Materials that are printed with the JDS system do not need to be varnished or treated before, these processes may distort the “texture” of the material.

   The printing polymerization device consists of a hybrid LED/UV drying system that allows any type of material to be processed, even those most sensitive to temperature.

   The JET D-SCREEN unit for digital Embellishment is the latest innovation in the wide range of CARTES developments. In a single step, it allows you to personalize and beautify labels, without tooling costs, with immediate start-up and without any waste of materials.
Modular, just as all CARTES technologies, it adapts to the requirements of Industry 4.0


• Until now, it has not been possible to achieve this level of Ink thickness with other Ink Jet Technology
• No tools required
• Immediate job change
• Material savings during start up
• Adapting the image to printing
• Immediate prior calculation of the necessary varnish contribution in the quote phase
• CARTES own technology
• Compatible with all materials, even natural ones and without special treatments for printing
• Fully designed to facilitate access to this technology even for small and medium-sized companies
• Extremely competitive cost

Invisible Laser die – cutting

   The CARTES LASER DIE-CUTTING UNIT is the only existing on the market with an unlimited lifetime & Semi-sealed source that guarantees constant power and cutting quality, reducing to minimum management and maintenance costs. Thanks to the Radio Frequency Laser power control and “Cut on the fly” software the machine can achieve maximum performance as it is possible to process in a single cycle any shape die-cutting & cut through, micro-perforation, engraving, progressive and regressive numbering. All these jobs are digitally programmable in order to get products of the highest value in real-time. 

   Today, Laser converting technology is, without any doubt, the most versatile solution on the market, being available in SINGLE or DUAL versions, in 350 W, and it is suitable for paper & films. Management software with an option for automatic saving of production parameters. CARTES never ceases to amaze. Already “pioneers” in Laser technology application in the self-adhesive label market, CARTES has developed a new “solution” named: ILC® – INVISIBLE LASER CUTTING. It is now possible to die-cut dark printed labels avoiding the typical and unsightly “white edge”. Moreover, the same system prevents adhesive from overflowing out of die-cutting label edges (glue bleed). Thanks to the ILC® system there are no limits in processing materials with extremely thin liners (a few microns thick) including films, die-cutting, and stripping “impossible shapes” or even linerless materials like IML labels

CARTES Catalog