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Since our founding over 80 years ago, the Iijima family has relentlessly pursued the pinnacle of detail and quality so intense that the end product surpasses all others. By developing new technologies and products, Iijima will raise customer satisfaction to a realm of customer kândo. Iijima is committed to being the leader in foil stamping and die-cutting technology throughout the world.

The Iijima “M” Series press is an excellent value and has been the number one selling High-Speed Hot Foil Stamping machine for over the past four years. In the heart of every Iijima press lies a reverence for craftsmanship. Each technician at Iijima has honed his craft for years before being invited to join the elite team of master technicians who assemble every Iijima press. Each press is hand-assembled and inspected at our factory in Koga, Japan, and manufactured to your specifications.

Iijima Factory, Iijima Junko

Iijima MJ 1040-ES

Standard Features

8000 IPH
330 Tons of Pressure
Touch Screen Control
New Iijima High Speed Feeding System (HSS-I)
Feeder Color Scanner
Laser Double Sheet Detector
Bi-Directional Foil Pull (Foil Travel with Sheet or Against Sheet feed direction)
On/Off Automatic Impression System
Over Tonnage Protection System
Air Blast System
2-6 Draw Foil Cassettes available
Direct Drive Servo
Telescopic Foil Roll Change System
12 Zone Digitally Controlled Heating System (With Guardian System)
Honey Comb Chase
Embossing Package with quick make-ready plates
Die Cutting Chase
Complete Stripping Equipment
Foil Brush Removal System
300 mm Elevation Package
One Touch Non-Stop Delivery System
Job Change Over in less then 30 minutes
Extremely Accurate Registration
Shorter Make Ready Time

Optional Equipment

Feeder Auto Pile Position System
Feeder Auto Jogging System
Feeder Belt Slow Down
Feeder Pre Pile System
Intermittent Feeding Apparatus
Lower Platen Heating System (For Thermal Cutting & Creasing)
Plastic Application System
Hologram System
Foil Break Detection System
Tape Inserter
Air Control System for Thin Materials
Honey Comb Chases
Die Cutting Chases
Chase Changer
Additional Touch Screen Panel at Delivery

Other Sizes Offered by Iijima Include:

Iijima 660
Available for High Speed Foil Stamping, Embossing, Die Cutting, Stripping and Blanking
Iijima 820
Available for High Speed Embossing, Die Cutting and Stripping
Iijima 1040
Available for High Speed Foil Stamping, Embossing, Die Cutting, Stripping and Blanking
Iijima 1300
Available for High Speed Foil Stamping, Embossing, Die Cutting, Stripping and Blanking

Iijima HSS-I High Speed Feeder
Quad Suction Pick Up Suckers Adjustable Air Flow System with Front and Side Blowers Laser Double Sheet Detector
Iijima Feed Table
Stainless Steel Feeder Table Two Push/ Pull Side Guides (O.S. & O.O.S) Digital Register Indicator with Infra-Red Reader
Foil Advance System
Servo On/Off Automatic Impression System Digital Direct Drive Foil System with Bell Curve Technology Two Draw Servo Foil Advance System Servo On/Off Automatic Impression System Jet to Jet Air Blast System Convertible- Foil Cassette Removal System Touch Screen Controlled Digital Intelligence System for Monitoring Stamping Pressure
Foil Brush Removal System
Four (4) brushes carrying out waste leaf from the delivery frame
Iijima MJ-1040E Press Honeycomb Chase
Iijima MJ 1040-ES Press Video of Removing the Honeycomb Chase used for Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing Applications
Iijima Non Stop Video
This is an Iijima MJ 1040 Press. For more information, please visit
Iijima MJ 820 Die cutting,embossing press
IGAS July 2018 Tokyo, Japan
NEW Iijima MJ Foil Hot foil stamping 7000sph
Iijima hot foil stamper