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   APR SOLUTIONS is an Italian company and it was established in 2014 by a group of people with over 20 years of experience in the packaging and finishing industry. APR quickly become a manufacturing leader of folder/gluers and specialized bindery and finishing equipment. APR Solutions developed and perfected machines for tin paper and carton converting machines. APR’s machines have been developed with both packaging and traditional finishing sector in mind, a special focus has been made towards the packaging industry as it is one of the faster-growing market sectors, as well as for the industrial application of a wide range of tape in a fully automatic way.
APR solution doesn’t offer only traditional solutions. APR Solutions brings custom-tailored machinery to meet your needs.

APR offers machines designed to serve the industry needs with solutions that make it possible for the packaging producers and brand owners to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities in a rapidly changing converting Market.

Athos  Line of Machinery

The Athos Plus is an automatic machine designed to apply double-sided tape, acrylic tape, foam, PVC tear-tape on any type of paper, cardboard, profiles, wood, and aluminum.

The Athos Plus machine has been set up with two types of different feeders:

  • Semiautomatic feeder, ideal when working with light weights materials, complex die-cuts, materials which may create electrostatic fields, etc.;
  • Automatic continuous feeder PLUS, ideal for products weighing over 150 gr/sqm, and ensures a high production speed.


  • Fix register side system positioned on the Plus feeder for the application of adhesive tape
  • Control of the double sheet by micron and photocell controlled by PLC device for adjusting the distance between the sheets.
  • No. 2 main paper transport devices with transmission system, complete of small wheels “Bruco”.
  • The applicators are adjustable in height and on the sides, through the new positioning system.
  • The standard version machine has two RAP applicators, one for the right and one for the left version.
  • The configuration of the machine is controlled by the PLC, and thanks to the touch screen technology, is not necessary to have previous experience with the use of the machine.

Options available on request:

  • 2 extra RAP applicators
  • RAP Strip, Tear Tape applicator
  • Automatic delivery table

Other machines available in Athos Line of Machinery 

  • Athos
  • Maxi Athos
  • Maxi Athos Plus
  • Mini Athos
BOX Plus Line of Machinery 

The Box plus 1 is an automatic folder-gluer machine, designed and manufactured to realize:

  • Linear boxes
  • Presentation folders with one or two pockets.
  • DVD wallets with one or two pockets.
  • Courier envelopes (DHL. FedEx, TNT, etc..) with double-sided tape and tear tape.
  • Double-sided adhesive and ristband application on posters, envelopes, CD/DVD holders, and boxes.
  • Tiles, plastic samplings, paper, and DVD insertion.


  • Full automatic continuous feeder (Feeder Plus).
  • Folder flap group, ready to add hot melt gluing system and double-sided tape applicator.
  • Folding tools with no. 6 transport devices BRUCO with wheels.
  • Automatic delivery table.
  • No.1 Hot melt gluing system with no. 1 gun completely managed from the machine’s 7-inch touch screen.

Options available on request:

  • RAP Applicator for double-sided tape
  • RAP Strip, for Tear Tape Applicator
  • inserter
  • Hi-speed Automatic Printed Label Applicator

Other machines available in BOX Plus line Machinery

  • BOX1
  • BOX Plus 1
  • BOX Plus 2
  • Maxi BOX 
  • Maxi BOX Plus
E-Commerce  Line of Machinery 

The Maxi Athos Plus is a machine designed to apply double-sided tape with an automatic feeder.

The machine size is 1600 x 2200 mm, specifically designed for the corrugated market and Forex materials.

– Specially designed for cardboard, corrugated, and Forex industry,

– Size from 1600, or 2200 mm

– Cardboard weight from 200 g/m2 and thickness up to 10 mm

– Supports: stiff cardboard, corrugated cardboard, PVC, plastic, acrylic, wood, aluminum foil.

– High precision applicator placement with the new linear make-ready system.

– Pneumatic shafts lead the product towards the delivery unit avoiding materials jams

– A professional operator is not required

Options available on request:

– Up to 6 RAP applicators

Other machines available in BOX Plus line Machinery

  • Maxi Athos
  • Maxi Box 
  • Maxi Box Plus
  • Maxi Box Plus 2
  • Pochette Bag Machine

Saroglia by APR  Fub Gold 58×78

The Saroglia Gold is a cutting die and foil stamping machine.

The machine uses honeycomb plates and a system aimed to stabilize the plates and ensure maximum precision and fast adjustments.

The machine, made of a cast iron plate, ensures excellent stability in terms of thermal growth and high strength to the pressure required by the embossing and the die-cutting.


Foil stamping
Both Foil stamping and relief printing.
Blind embossing
Thermal die cutting on PET, PVC, and PPE
Holograms printing (on request)
Braille printing (on-demand personalization)

Suited to:

Greeting cards e converting
Clothing labels and tags, packaging, high secure holograms printing
Softcovers for books, binding.